Saturday, February 9, 2008

first thought... a compilation of a nights rambling

so tonight was a cool night. i took Daniel to a concert and had lots of time on my hands sooo.... i went to a bar and sat down to do home work (bars stay open late and are pretty cheep) and ended up getting side tracked and doing some "deep thinking" lol... who would have thought i could do it! :O) i wrote down the things i was thinking in my note book.... but my thoughts may be random and jump around but should be good for some thoughts and or laughs. more about the thoughts later. The totally awesome thing that happened after my "deep thinking" was... i got to witness to a guy named josh right outside the bar. 

as i was leaving the bar/pub i was wondering what it would be like to walk around portland praying for people. so i started praying for the bar and the people around me when i was leaving. after exiting i took maybe 20 steps to the corner of the street. as i was preparing to cross when a guy walked up to me and asked for the time... then asked if i had some "nuggets" (marijuana to those who don't know). i told him  no (of course) and then asked why he smoked "weed". he told me it was just something he had always did. we began talking about that and the i asked what he thought God thinks about him doing that. we began an incredible conversation that lasted about an hour. he pretty much told me that he believed in God, isn't sure if Jesus was the son of God, and that he would like to seek God. i invited him to church with me. he seemed really enthusiastic about the offer. i gave him my number and told him to call me so we could go to church together. i told him i don't have all the answers but i am willing to help him seek God and learn about God with him. I really hope he calls. please pray for josh. as for the thoughts.... i guess i will have to save that for another post. My wonderful girlfriend is on the phone with me right now waiting for me to finish this post.... she is so awesome.


Simon said...

This is how you do a blog. Sweet.

Chachinator said...

I concur with Simon. For sure.